The Soundshop is a music salon spanning all aspects of music and sound. This event is for musicians and non-musicians alike, combining performance, storytelling, and discussion.

Our Story

theSoundshop was first hosted in January 2017 when founder Akpanoluo Etteh invited ten musicians to his Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment to share and discuss their work with each other. This idea of a music “salon” was formed when he facilitated introductions between his friends in the music industry in Los Angeles. Akpanoluo wanted to combine his passions for music, networking, and conversation into an event that helped his friends develop connections and support one another in their creative endeavors.

The energy and fulfillment that was generated by the first installment of theSoundshop drove Akpanoluo to develop the event into a monthly session. A large and dynamic community of musicians and music-lovers alike now meet regularly across the New York City area to network, present, and discuss works of their choosing in an open-minded and intellectual setting.

theSoundshop has found a regular home at Dungeon Beach in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The diverse pool of talent varies each month, showcasing classically trained singers, rappers, EDM artists, acapella groups, singer-songwriters, R&B artists, and jazz musicians.